US M1816 Flintlock Musket
Another M1816

            The 1816 musket differed from earlier types mainly in the buttstock, with a low comb that flowed smoothly into the wrist. This musket featured a detachable brass pan, and was also distinguished by a frizzen with a forward angled tip. The front sight was a simple brass blade brazed onto the upper barrel band; there was no rear sight. Small changes were made in 1822 to some of the furniture pieces, but the overall configuration remained the same. The earlier muskets were finished "National Armory Bright" (with the metal polished), while from about 1820-1831 the barrel and furniture pieces were finished browned. Some 600,000 muskets of this type were produced by both Springfield and Harper’s Ferry, and various contractors, until superseded by the Model of 1840.