Dominican Republic M.1953 Mauser Short Rifle

These rifles have very interesting history. In the 1950-s Dominican Republic government purchased couple of thousand of M.1908 Mauser rifles and short rifles in Brazil. They were consequently refinished by the government arms factory in San Cristobal in the late 1950-s and early 1960-s. These weapons had a very short service life, as the Dominican Republic government decided to replace them with the US surplus Garands and M1 carbines in the early 1960-s Brazilian markings on the receiver were ground away, and the new markings were stamped on the left side of the receiver, "ARMERIA F.A. REP. DOM. 1956". Matching serial numbers on the receiver and on the bolt, as renumbered by Dominican arsenal. No serial numbers are stamped on all the remaining parts of the rifle, which is correct for this model. The right side of the buttstock displays black painted letters, "V.I.H". The rifle was manufactured without provision for the cleaning rod (there is no rod channel drilled in the stock). Ramp and leaf rear sight calibrated from 200 to 2000 meter. Correct bolt with turned down bolt handle. Two military style sling swivels. The rifle comes complete with original Dominican Republic military issue bayonet with scabbard. This is a very limited production Mauser rifle!