Japanese Paratroop Rifles

SN 196. Cal. 6.5 Jap.
This carbine was built for Army paratroopers from a standard type 38 carbine. It has a 19" bbl with square base barleycorn front sight with vented protective ears and a 2,000 meter ladder rear sight. Chamber of rifle has the imperial chrysanthemum with Japanese characters. Mounted in its orig laminated mahogany stock that has been cut just behind the receiver with a heavy lacquered hinge on right side and a wing nut with articulated hook on left side. Right side of butt is crudely inscribed "JERRY RAPP". It has an upper hand guard with middle band and butt stock having sling wires with an orig Japanese canvas sling. It is speculated that only approx. 200-300 of these rare rifles were ever made and to this cataloguer's knowledge were never put into service as a paratrooper item as the Japanese were only experimenting with the paratrooper concept. Accompanied by an orig sheet metal dust cover and an extremely rare Type 2 paratrooper bayonet which has the serial number "7898". Bayonet has its orig steel scabbard and brown leather frog. The spine of the handle shank has the figure "8" in a circle arsenal mark along with a subsidiary mark of a small shield inside a diamond. Very few of these rare bayonets have ever been encountered. PROVENANCE: Stern Collection. CONDITION: About fine.  Metal retains most of its orig arsenal blue, somewhat thinned on the trigger bow.  Stock has a repaired chip on right side of wrist, otherwise wood appears to be sound with numerous nicks, dings & scratches and retains generous amounts of orig varnish.  Mechanics are fine, strong bore, dark in grooves with scattered fine pitting.  Bayonet, scabbard & frog are extremely fine. 4-33704 JR154 (2,500-4,000)

SN 71336. Cal. 7.7 Jap.
This is a type "0" paratrooper rifle with the first type takedown. It has 25-1/2" bbl with standard front sight, anti-aircraft rear sight and monopod. The paratrooper conversion is rather crude with a heavy faceted reinforcement over receiver ring and crude metal work that is riveted to the forestock. The takedown is simple, by pushing the spring loaded catch on bottom of front of receiver to the rear and rotating the bbl about 45 degrees which allows the interrupted threads to release the forward section. Receiver has the Kokura stamp with a Naval anchor on top flat of the reinforcement which is without the Imperial Chrysanthemum and has a sheet metal dust cover. Bolt handle is unusual with a welded egg-shaped knob with a knurled band. Mounted in a 2-pc laminated mahogany stock with sling swivels on left side. The takedown parts are numbered "336" corresponding to the last three digits of the serial number. Accompanied by a Kokura marked bayonet with steel scabbard & leather frog and olive canvas sling. PROVENANCE: Stern Collection. CONDITION: Very good, all matching including bolt.  Little orig finish remains being mostly a gray/brown patina with some black paint remaining on takedown iron.  Stock has a crack on left side above floorplate, otherwise is sound with myriad small nicks & dings.  Mechanics are fine, bright shiny bore.  Bayonet is fine. 4-34095 JR7 (3,000-5,000)

SN 12860. Cal. 7.7 Jap.
Type 99 short rifle alteration with 25-1/2" bbl, standard front sight, anti-aircraft rear sight with intact chrysanthemum on the takedown hardware over the front of receiver. The takedown hardware, bbl & receiver are all marked "455". It has a cleaning rod & side mount sling loops and is mounted in a 2-pc laminated mahogany stock. Left side of receiver has the Nagoya Arsenal stamp. Accompanied by a Nagoya Arsenal bayonet with steel scabbard and leather frog with inked Japanese characters on back of one loop. PROVENANCE: Stern Collection. CONDITION: Extremely fine, all matching including bolt.  Metal retains most of its orig arsenal finish, slightly thinned over receiver.  Wood is sound with usual light nicks & dings and a small splinter on tip of forestock and retains most of its orig arsenal finish.  Mechanics are fine, strong bright bore, frosty in the grooves.  Bayonet is extremely fine with bright blade and orig finish on scabbard turning plum.  Frog has most of its orig brown finish.   4-34096 JR8 (3,000-5,000)

Type 2 Paratrooper Rifle with Sniper Scope and Case
   Serial #:  1048  7.7 Cal
Barrel Length:  25 inch round  Finish:  blue
Stock:  hardwood
Description:  This is an excellent example of a scarce and desirable type 2 Japanese takedown "Paratrooper" rifle that has been fitted with an early type 99 sniper scope and base. These paratrooper rifles were based on the type 99 rifle with removable barrel so that they could be stored in a canvas parachutist's jump bag. These rifles were manufactured at the Toriimatsu factory under Nagoya Arsenal control. The top of the receiver has the Chrysanthemum (partially ground) and Kanji markings designating this as a type 2 rifle. The rear receiver ring is marked with the serial number and arsenal marking. The left side of the receiver has been fitted with a scope mount and type 99 sniper scope. The top of the scope is marked 2.5 X 10 over the manufacturer's mark, over 99 No 5215 and the rear of the mount is stamped with the original rifle serial number "201" with a second (milled or etched) serial number of "6567". It has the later production tangent rear sight graduated to 1500 meters with the fat anti-aircraft wings with a peep rear sight and an inverted "V" front with guards. It has the two piece stock with the cupped buttplate, side mounted sling swivels and a drain hole in front of the trigger guard. The front barrel band is the three screw model and the rear is the later plain slotted pattern. The takedown mechanisms is numbered, (800) on the side plates and "800" is marked on the left rear of the barrel under the rear sight. The bolt and bayonet lug are numbered to the gun, "48" and "048" respectively. Complete with the original leather sling and the early style canvas case and sling for the scope.

Nagoya Arsenal Rifle Pictures Below
Arisaka Type 99 Paratroop Type 2
7.7 mm


Arisaka Type 99 Paratroop Type 2 "take down" rifle. This was the gun in the film "Manchurian Candidate" and described as "Russian". Poetic license? Late 1943. 7.7 mm


Arisaka Type 99 Paratroop Type 2 from Nagoya Arsenal