Gew. 98 "Wehrmanngewehr" Mauser Rifle

CAL. 8x57 mm.

Gewehr 98 Rifle.

Makers:            DWM, Spandau, Danzig, Oberspree and others
Action type:      Bolt Action
Caliber:            7.92 (8mm Mauser)
Capacity:          5
Barrel length:    29.13"
Overall length:  49.2"
Weight:            9 pounds
Finish:              Blued barrel and triggerguard, white action
Sights:             V-notch rear, graduated to 2.000m inverted V front
Stock:             Walnut or beech (late war)

Bolt Disassembly

The Model 1898 infanterie Gewehr: the German 98 Mauser
was blooded and proven during the four nightmare years of WWI
 by John Sheehan

Close-up of the action .

A top view of the bolt.

Markings on Gewehr 98.

Mauser Waffenfabrik markings on Gewehr 98.

Close-up of the earlier Gewehr 98 unit identification disk.

A close-up of the rearsight.

Close-up of the front sight.

Gew. 98 "Wehrmanngewehr" Mauser rifle
8,15 x 46.5 mm caliber.

The barrel displays the maker markings, "Ed Kraetschmann Stendal". The receiver displays "Crown over B" and "Crown over U"  proof marks. This type of rifle is known under several names, "Wehrmanngewehr", "Wehrsportgewehr", "Wehrmannbuchse und Einheitsgewehr". John Walter calls it a "Militia and Universal Model". The design of the rifle loosely follows military issue Gew. 98, the major difference being "civilian" caliber and commercial proof marks. The rifle was manufactured as a repeater, with a fully functional magazine. Military style bayonet lug. Gew. 98 - style, adjustable rear sights calibrated from 400 to 2000 meter. Complete with the cleaning rod. Majority of the parts of the rifle came from surplus military issue Gew. 98 rifle. The rifle does not display any serial numbers, which is not unusual for this model. Some parts display small assembly numbers. The buttplate shows following markings, "8M" and "839". All steel furniture. The stock does not display any markings. The stock was manufactured with the finger groove. The right side of the buttstock has a steel regimental disc inlaid in the wood, without any markings.