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Philippine Hand Cannon
Black Powder Muskets

Development of Musket Lock Mechanisms Galleries

Matchlock Muskets
  ¨Hand Gonnes & Matchlocks
  ¨Two Hand Gonnes 
  ¨History of Black Powder
  ¨Gunpowder Weapons of the 15th Century
  ¨Loading and Firing Matchlocks
  ¨Matchlock Weapons
  ¨Japanese Matchlocks
  ¨Indian Torador Matchlocks

Pre 18th Century Flintlocks

   ¨Weapons of the Jamestown Colony
   ¨Firearms of the Plymouth Colony
   ¨Snaphaunce Muskets
   ¨The Flintlock
   ¨Flintlock Terminology
  ¨The Wheellock Gun
  ¨The Wheellock Gallery
  ¨Armoury of the Dukes of Burgundy

Revolutionary War Era

  ¨American Revolutionary War Muskets
   ¨The Brown Bess Musket
   ¨The Ferguson Rifle
   ¨Tactics & Weapons of the American Revolution
   ¨The Redcoats Brown Bess Flintlock Musket
   ¨Non-Cartridge Breechloading Systems
   ¨The American Long Rifle
   ¨Jenks' Breech-Loading Flintlock Carbine

Pre Civil War Era

    ¨From musket to breech loader
    ¨The Kentucky Rifle
    ¨The Development of the Baker Rifle
    ¨Weapons of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
    ¨The Hawken Rifle
    ¨Firearms of the Mountain Men
    ¨American Long rifle Gallery

Civil War Era

    ¨Civil War Era Armories & Muskets
    ¨The M1861 Justice Musket
    ¨Kerr Sharpshooter CSA Rifle
    ¨M1863 Lindsay Double Rifle Musket
    ¨Muzzleload to Cartridge Conversion Methods
    ¨Long Range Muzzleloading Rifle Shooting 
    ¨Bullet History 
    ¨Shooting Accuracy in the Civil War


Musket Gallery
  ¨Western Military
  ¨Western Civilian

Pistol Gallery

Western Military Musket Gallery


British Flintlock Muskets M1756 Brown Bess India Pattern Brown Bess
British Military Flintlock Blunderbuss British Elliott Carbine Baker Flintlock Rifle
British Flintlock Regiment 51 Short Land Pattern Brown Bess Musket Tower Flintlock Victorian Musket 
Ellis-Jennings 4-Shot Repeating Flintlock Musket Breechloading Doglock Musket. Breechloading Flintlock Rifle


US M1795 FLINTLOCK US M1816 Flintlock Musket US Flintlock Musket Transitional M1816
M1816 Harpers Ferry Flintlock Musket 1797 Penn Contract Musket US M1819 Hall Flintlock
M1812 US Contract Flintlock Musket by Whitney US M1803 Harpers Ferry Flintlock 1808 Mass St Militia Flintlock Waters Contract
Late 17th Century Colonial Military Matchlock M1797 U.S. FLINTLOCK MUSKET New England  Side hammer rifle
O-U RifleShotgun by Amos Bisling Pre-Revolutionary War Flintlock Musket, c. 1750 Indian Flintlock Trade Gun 60 cal
Jenks' Breech-Loading Flintlock Carbine


French Flintlock Muskets 1763 Léger (1766) Charleville Armory of the Dukes of Burgundy
M1786 French Flintlock Carbine M1774 French St-Etienne


Matchlock ca 1450 Wheellock Longgun Gallery Evolution of Swedish Muskets Matchlocks to Percussion
Double Hackbut ca1610 Bavarian Wheelock Single Shot Rifle Swedish Matchlock 1600
German Matchlock Musket, circa 1640 Matchlock Wall Gun Danish Infantry Flintlock
Prussian Army 1809 Pattern Infantry Musket Polish Arquebus & Muskets Brown Bess Mexican Contract
Hessian Revolutionary War Musket




US M1816 Harpers Ferry Percussion Musket M1842 Springfield Musket M1861 Springfield Rifle
M1863 Remington “Zouave” Rifle 1861 CSA Richmond High Hump Musket 1864 Springfield Rifle
1831 Harpers Ferry Confederate Musket 1841 Mississippi Rifle  M1861 Whitney Plymouth Dahlgren Navy rifle
M1833 Hall North Carbine M1862 Whitworth Rifle M1863 Springfield Type II
Cook & Brother Confederate Cavalry Carbine M1861 Contract Musket by E. Robinson, NY M1855 Springfield Rifled Musket
Coast Artillery Musket Cook & Brother Confederate Two-Band Rifle J.P. Murray Carbine
M1860 Volunteer's Shorth Rifle Tower P56 Enfield Confederate Cavalry Carbine Tarratt Half Stock Plains


Swiss Federal Percussion Rifle M1847 Artillery Musketoon P1858 Enfield 2 Band Rifle
Swiss M.1817/42 Percussion Rifle M1854 Austrian Lorenz 3-band Musket Brunswick Percussion Rifle
Swiss M.1842/59 Percussion Rifle German Suhl M1809 Percussion Musket British Pattern 39 Musket
French 1840 Percussion Musket Bavarian Podewils M.1858/67 Infantry Rifle Indian Brunswick Percussion Musket
1864 Fayetteville Confederate Musket 1816 Pomeroy Percussion Musket P1853 Enfield 3 Band Rifle
Napoleonic Period Belgian Flintlock Musket. Belgian Percussion Rifle Musket  English Tower rifle 1871

Western Pistol Gallery

Wogdon Flint Lock Dueling Pistol Wheellock Pistol Gallery US Muzzleload Pistols
European Percussion Double Barrel Pistol Wheellock Pistol "Puffer" - Nurnberg 1575 Allen and Thurber Single Shot Pistol
Bell Mouth Percussion Pistol Polish Wheellock Pistols Antique American Pistol
Portuguese Naval Percussion Pistol Wheellock Pistol, Suhl ca. 1630 U.S. M1836 Asa Waters Pistol
German Flintlock Pistols French Cavalry Pistol M1822 British Military Flintlock Pistols
Austro Hungarian M1859 Lorenz Cavalry Percussion Pistol Danish Cavalry model MD 1848 British Sea Service Pistol
Dutch Naval Swivel Flintlock Blunderbuss Brass Barrel Precussion Pistol English Royal Navy Sea Service Pistol
Bourlier L'aine Flintlock Pocket Pistol French Cavalry Pistol M1777 British Blunderbuss Box-lock Pistol
German Percussion Pistols Prussian Pistols
Western Civilian Musket Gallery
Matchlock Caliver- Suhl ca. 1610 German Flintlock Gallery
Flintlock Repeating Rifle French Rarget Rifle by Larimer
The American Long Rifle Gallery Two Austrian Wheellocks
German Wheellock Gallery Austrian Jaeger Rifle
Chinese Flictlock Blunderbuss Wheellock Gallery


The American Long Rifle Gallery Plains Rifle Gallery
German Percussion Gallery Colossal Japanese Percussion Market Gun
Austrian Jaeger Rifle

Arabic/Oriental Musket Gallery


Japanese Matchlock Musket 1 Japanese Matchlock Musket 2 Japanese Matchlock Musket 3
Japanese Matchlock Musket 4 Japanese Matchlock Musket 5 Japanese Matchlock Musket 6
Japanese Matchlock Rifle from the Bunsei Period 1813 Japanese Niju matchlocks Japanese Kunitomo  Matchlock
Japanese Niju Makibari  Matchlock Japanese Percussion Infantry Rifle The Yellow-Fire Japanese Matchlock
Japanese Three-Barrel matchlock Japanese Uematsu Monsaburo Nobutate Matchlocks Japanese Matchlock converted to percussion
Bajozutsu Matchlock
Chinese Flintlock Blunderbus Mongol Matchlock Ming Dynasty  Matchlock


INDO PERSIAN MATCHLOCK MUSKET Indian/Burmese Matchlock Musket Sikh Matchlock Musket
Punjabi Toradar Matchlock Musket Indian Matchlock Musket 18th Century Indian Matchlock Torador Musket

Middle East

17th Century Turkish Matchlock Musket Caucasian Miquelet Musket Persian or Turkish Miguelet
Turkish Silver Flintlock Arabic Flintlock Musket Persian or Turkish Miguelet
Ottoman  Miquelet Fullstock Gun Omani Matchlock Musket Damascus Matchlock Musket
Ottoman  Miquelet Flintlock North African Snaphance Gun Middle Eastern Dag 
18-19th Century Turkish Rifled Musket Afghan Camel Percussion Gun Middle East Blunderbuss 
19th Century Afghan Jezail Rifle Afghan Matchlock Musket

Arabic/Oriental Pistol Gallery

Japanese Matchlock Pistol 1 Albanian Rat Tail Miquelet Pistol
Japanese Matchlock Pistol 2 Caucasian Flintlock Pistol
Japanese Inoue Toshisugu Matchlock Pistol Indian Flintlock Pistols
Japanese Uematsu Monsaburo Nobutate Matchlocks Caucasian Flintlock Pistols of the Murid Wars
Japanese Flintlock Pistol Brass Mounted Flint Lock
Turkish Flintlock Pistol Persian Cavalry Pistol
Turkish Miquelet Pistol Albanian Rat Tail Miquelet-Lock  Pistol