Carcano M.1891 TS Carbine
6.5 mm caliber
Carcano M.1891 TS carbine, which was issued to Truppe Speciali. The left side of the chamber displays accuracy markings, "Two Crossed Rifles". This is a symbol of the Tiro a Segno Nazionale (National Target Shooting Association). This mark indicates that the barrel was tested for its accuracy and selected for match competition. The guns with such a mark are usually very accurate! The carbine still has an old style TS nosecap. The carbine displays an arsenal name and a date of production on the chamber, "Brescia 1916". This model of Carcano was built in 6.5 mm caliber with progressive rifling. Correct style of the buttplate without a trap. Turned down bolt handle. Complete with the cleaning rod. Matching serial numbers (stamped on the chamber and stock only; no serial numbers are stamped on the remaining parts, which is correct for this model). The carbine takes a special M.1891 TS saber bayonet (not included). The carbine has standard M.1891 TS front and rear sights. The rear sight is calibrated to 1500 meter. This carbine has sling swivels installed on the left side of the stock. The sling swivels in the lower part of the buttstock and on the nosecap were removed when the carbine was upgraded by an Italian arsenal. The hole from the sling swivel in the lower part of the buttstock is covered with a wooden plug (please, see pictures). Overall length is 36.25 inch. Barrel length is 17.75 inch.