Carcano M.1891/41 Target Rifle
with double set triggers.
6.5 mm caliber

  M.1891/41 was the last model of Mannlicher Carcano infantry rifle.  The rifles with double set triggers were built for the military target shooting. They were still used in both, national and international shooting matches in the 1960-s. The arsenal markings are stamped on the back of the barrel, "A Royal Army Crown over FAT 41" (Terni arsenal, 1941). This model of Carcano rifle was built still in 6.5 mm caliber, but with constant pitch rifling. Matching serial numbers (stamped on the chamber and stock only; no serial numbers are stamped on the remaining parts, which is correct for this model). A beautiful cartouche with a Crest of Savoy is stamped on the left side of the buttstock (please, see pictures). There are also some smaller markings stamped on the stock. The chamber and receiver displays a couple of small Italian proof marks, with "Crown" and "Crest of Savoy". The rear sights are calibrated to one thousand meter. The bolt with turned down handle. Correct style buttplate, without a trap. One barrel band and a nosecap with a bayonet lug. Complete with an original cleaning rod. No import markings.