Sharps Double Barrel Shotgun
   12 Gauge
Serial #:  19342  Manufacturer:  Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company
Model:  Double Barrel  Type:  Shotgun
Barrel Length:  28-5/8 inch solid rib  Finish:  brown/casehardened
Stock:  walnut

Description:  Engraved "SHARPS RIFLE Co. BRIDGEPORT, CONN." on top of the barrel rib, followed by "Old Reliable" (in an octagon box), with "SHARPS RIFLE Co" on both lockplates. These were made for Sharps in England and the full compliment of Birmingham proofmarks appears on the bottom of the barrel and water table of the action. The operating lever protrudes from the bottom of the action and wraps around to the left side of the stock where it can be operated by the right thumb in the field. Smooth iron buttplate and grip cap. There is light floral engraving on the hammer screws and barrel pivot, otherwise only edge lines. Only 230 of these double barrel shotguns with the Sharps Rifle Company name were imported by Sharps.