U.S. Stevens Model 620 Slide Action Trench Shotgun
 12 Gauge  Serial #:  26281
Manufacturer:  Stevens J Arms Co
Barrel Length:  20 inch round  Finish:  blue  Stock:  walnut

World War II production trench gun in original unaltered configuration. Single brass bead sight on top of the bayonet lug fitted at the muzzle.
The barrel is fitted with the standard six hole pattern heat shield and is marked with the three line Steven's address on the right side and "P" over
the ordnance bomb at the breech. The left top of the barrel and receiver are marked with a "P", the left side of the receiver is marked "P" over
the ordnance bomb at the front, followed by "MODEL 620", and is marked "U.S." above the trigger guard. The shotgun features a plain slide handle
and a plain pistol grip stock with a black plastic serrated buttplate and sling swivels with a green canvas web sling.

Stevens 620 12 gauge shotgun. 
U.S. issue riot gun with trench hardware added. $1,495.00







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