Mosin Nagant Rifle Guide to Proofs and Markings
All images copyright 7.62x54r Collection

The numerous markings and proofs found on Mosin rifles can be overwhelming to the new collector.  Often the meaning is unknown even to the most knowledgeable researchers.   However, many are known and they often reveal a lot about the individual rifle.   The more commonly encountered markings are shown here with brief explanations of their meanings.
Row Column A Column B Column C
1 chatm91.jpg (30976 bytes)
Chatellerault M91
IzhevskM91.jpg (14518 bytes)
Izhevsk M91
SestroryetskM91.jpg (17847 bytes)
Sestroryetsk M91
2 TulaImpM91.jpg (19754 bytes)
Tula Imperial M91
TulaPtGM91.jpg (18175 bytes)
Tula "Peter the Great" M91
ScrubbedPtGM91.jpg (21708 bytes)
Scrubbed M91 (Peter the Great)
3 TulaPCFCPM91.jpg (18525 bytes)
Tula PCFCP M91
tulam91.jpg (16734 bytes)
Tula CCCP M91
newm91.jpg (10078 bytes)
4 TulaDragoon.jpg (23470 bytes)
Tula Dragoon
IzhevskDragoon.jpg (20535 bytes)
Izhevsk Dragoon
RemingtonM91.jpg (14487 bytes)
Remington M91
5 eagleptg.jpg (4256 bytes)
Peter the Great Eagle
Barrel shank
eaglenew.jpg (1842 bytes)
New England Westinghouse Eagle
Barrel shank
eaglehs.jpg (5020 bytes)
Hammer & Sickle stamped over Eagle
6 EaglePinged.jpg (5218 bytes)
Pinged Eagle
EagleGround.jpg (4176 bytes)
Ground Eagle (Finland)
OvalTBarrel.jpg (1269 bytes)
Found on Russian M38s
7 Izhevskearlymark.jpg (2375 bytes)
Izhevsk Bow and Arrow (pre 1928)
Barrel shank
Izhevsklatemark.jpg (1706 bytes)
Izhevsk Arrow in Triangle (post 1928)
Barrel shank
IzhevskCrest.jpg (2301 bytes)
Izhevsk Crest
Barrel shank
8 IzhevskBowArrow.jpg (6788 bytes)
Izhevsk Bow and Arrow
Bolt body
izhback.jpg (15410 bytes)
Izhevsk Bow and Arrow
Cocking knob
SestroryetskArrow.jpg (10549 bytes)
Sestroryetsk Arrow
Cocking knob
9 TulaHammerRec.jpg (5289 bytes)
Tula Hammer
TulaBarrelStar.jpg (2998 bytes)
Tula Arrow in Star
Barrel shank
cossack91.jpg (12757 bytes)
Cossack rifle
10 TulaHammerCircle.jpg (6669 bytes)
Tula Hammer in Circle
Bolt body
TulaStar.jpg (7044 bytes)
Tula Star
Bolt body
TulaStarCK.jpg (13746 bytes)
Tula Star
Cocking knob
11 CircleR.jpg (2583 bytes)
Remington Circle R
Bolt body
WestinghouseE.jpg (6217 bytes)
New England Westinghouse E
Bolt body
Unknown.jpg (6186 bytes)
Bolt body
12 Refurb.jpg (1324 bytes)
Refurbishment mark
Barrel shank
TulaSniperCN.jpg (4904 bytes)
Tula "C N" Sniper mark
Barrel shank
TulaSniperCH.jpg (6238 bytes)
Tula "C H" Sniper mark
Barrel shank
13 Circley.jpg (2210 bytes)
Barrel shank - firing proof
CircleK.jpg (2143 bytes)
Barrel shank
CircleN.jpg (1723 bytes)
Barrel shank accpetance proof
14 MO2.jpg (14264 bytes)
MO 1936/51
Date of transfer to the
Ministry of Defense (MO)
MO3.jpg (13608 bytes)
MO 1938/46/51
Triple dated
Ministry of Defense (MO)
SpanishUSSR.jpg (2231 bytes)
Made in USSR
Spanish export mark
Used in Spanish Civil War
Barrel shank
15 189159.jpg (2249 bytes)
M91/59 cut down from M91/30
Barrel shank
M9138.jpg (6578 bytes)
Czech M91/38 cut down from M91
Triangle1.jpg (1785 bytes)
Triangle 1
DDR property mark
Barrel shank
16 SerbCrown.jpg (2434 bytes)
Serbian Crown
Barrel shank
SerbC.jpg (3626 bytes)
Serbian C (Cyrillic S)
Barrel shank
Ex.jpg (2166 bytes)
Romanian "Ex" (Exercitiu)
Training rifle
Barrel shank (also Receiver)
17 INSTRUCTIE.jpg (7133 bytes)
Training rifle
RomanianCrest.jpg (1931 bytes)
Romanian Crest
Barrel shank
RomanianArrow.jpg (1695 bytes)
Romanian Arrowhead in Triangle
Barrel shank
18 HungarianCrest.jpg (1398 bytes)
Hungarian Crest
Barrel shank
Hungary02.jpg (2311 bytes)
Hungarian country code
Barrel shank
Poland11.jpg (3126 bytes)
Polish country code
Barrel shank
19 AZF.jpg (4636 bytes)
Austrian property mark
CircleB.jpg (1710 bytes)
Circle B
Bulgarian property mark
Barrel shank
Deutschland.jpg (8859 bytes)
German (WWI) property mark
20 OEWG.jpg (4040 bytes)
Austrian (?) mark
ChineseT53Char.jpg (4760 bytes)
Chinese characters
T53 barrel shank
ChineseTriangle26.jpg (2389 bytes)
Triangle 26
Chinese factory code
T53 barrel shank
21 M2830barrel.jpg (12222 bytes)
M39B.jpg (11295 bytes)
M39 "B"
M39late.jpg (12544 bytes)
M39 "Late Date"
22 SA.jpg (5417 bytes)
Boxed SA
Finnish Army mark
Barrel shank
PL1.jpg (3432 bytes)
Finnish Army mark
Used for 2 months in 1942
Barrel shank
PR.2.jpg (2587 bytes)
Found on Tikkakoski M91 and M39 rifle barrel shanks partially obscured by the stock
Meaning unknown
23 av1.jpg (3625 bytes)
AV1 (stylized)
Arms Depot 1
Barrel shank
CrossedCannonsAV1.jpg (5102 bytes)
Crossed Cannons and AV1
p26.jpg (10718 bytes)
P-26 (or P-27) and S
Found on P-series relined barrels
"S" stands for Salerno where
process was developed
24 vktearly.jpg (1547 bytes)
Early VKT logo
Barrel shank
VKTEarly2.jpg (1756 bytes)
Early VKT logo
Barrel shank
vktlate.jpg (1474 bytes)
Late VKT logo
Barrel shank
25 TikkaEarly.jpg (1190 bytes)
Early Tikkakoski logo
Barrel shank
Tikkalate.jpg (1481 bytes)
Late Tikkakoski logo
Barrel shank
Finnsight.jpg (40812 bytes)
Remarked Finn rear sight for meters from Russian arshin
26 sakogear.jpg (1978 bytes)
Sako logo
Barrel shank
Sakopart.jpg (2542 bytes)
Sako part mark
M28/30 rear sight base
Sakonumber.jpg (4738 bytes)
Sako logo and serial number
M28 barrel shank
27 CGM24logo.jpg (2829 bytes)
Civil Guard logo
M24 barrel shank
CGSY.jpg (1415 bytes)
Civil Guard logo
M28 barrel shank
SAKO-Shank.jpg (2591 bytes)
Civil Guard logo
M28/30 and M39 barrel shank
28 CGSSnumber.jpg (3850 bytes)
Civil Guard SS number
Barrel shank
M24ChristmasTree.jpg (6592 bytes)
"Christmas Tree" on M24 barrel shank
Indicates barrel was shortened from rear and rechambered because of throat erosion
valkiv.jpg (6620 bytes)
Stamped by importer in
United States - VKT
29 =S=.jpg (1604 bytes)
Civil Guard acceptance stamp
Barrel shank
KE.jpg (1487 bytes)
Finnish Inspector's stamp
Barrel shank
41.jpg (4423 bytes)
Winter War capture mark
Barrel shank
30 BelgianLiege.jpg (2299 bytes)
Belgian Liege proof
Some M91 B barrel shanks
SakoProof.jpg (1451 bytes)
Sako proof
Barrel shank
VKTProof.jpg (1685 bytes)
VKT proof
Barrel shank
31 Bohler-Stahl.jpg (8448 bytes)
M24 German barrel
on bottom hidde by stock
SIGM24.jpg (11713 bytes)
M24 SIG barrel
shank above wood line
SIGM28.jpg (20679 bytes)
M28 SIG barrel
shank below wood line
32 M28Butt.jpg (6307 bytes)
Found on M28 Buttplates
HV.jpg (3374 bytes)
"Jamb Free"
M28/30 Magazine bodies
D.jpg (4277 bytes)
Reworked for
Finnish D166 cartridge
Barrel shank
33 SovietStock.jpg (10899 bytes)
Soviet cartouche
StockRefurb.jpg (4009 bytes)
Soviet refurbishment mark
OvalTStock.jpg (4664 bytes)
Found on Soviet M38
34 EnglishContract.jpg (17423 bytes)
NEW "English Contract"
BulgPinecone1.jpg (4105 bytes)
Bulgarian "Pinecone"
BulgPinecone2.jpg (1942 bytes)
Bulgarian "Pinecone"
35 DeutschesReich1.jpg (8438 bytes)
Deutsches Reich (Germany WWI)
DeutschesReich2.jpg (7761 bytes)
Deutsches Reich (Germany WWI)
DeutschesReich3.jpg (10100 bytes)
Deutsches Reich (Germany WWI)
36 M2830Stock.jpg (18810 bytes)
Finnish M28/30 Stock - Civil Guard
M39Stock.jpg (11387 bytes)
Finnish M39 Stock - SAKO
SYT.jpg (2178 bytes)
Finnish M28 Stock
(in fingergroove)
Courtesy of "FinnMN" 

Meaning stock met standards

37 CrossedCannonsStock.jpg (4333 bytes)
Finnish stockmaker's mark
(can be other letters)
CrossedCannonsStock2.jpg (4260 bytes)
Finnish stockmaker's mark
T53SerialStock.jpg (11825 bytes)
Serial number
Chinese T53
38 PolishStock.jpg (8725 bytes)
Polish Stock
HungStock.jpg (12894 bytes)
Hungarian Stock
RomTriStock.jpg (4158 bytes)
Romanian Stock
39 INSTRUCTIEStock.jpg (63105 bytes)
with red band
RomExercitiuStock.jpg (137501 bytes)
Romanian "EXERCITIU"
with black butt
RomCR1Stock.jpg (6434 bytes)
Romanian Stock

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