Marston Pistols
aka Union Arms Co.

Union Arms Co. Navy Percussion Revolver
Serial #:  920  Manufacturer:  Union
Model:  Navy  Type:  Revolver
Gauge:  36  Catalog Page:  171
Barrel Length:  8 inch round  Finish:  blue
Grip:  hardwood  Stock:  N/A
Sell Date:  Monday, May 05, 2008
Condition Rating:
Description:  Produced between 1858 and 1864 by W.W. Marston.
Fixed sights with "THE UNION ARMS Co" double stamped on top of the barrel.
There is a "S" above the serial number on the frame and on the left side of the trigger. The trigger guard has an iron base plate
but a brass bow, and the cylinder pin retainer is a tapered pin, driven through from the left side of the frame. Checkered hammer,
smooth trigger and smooth two piece walnut grips with brass screw escutcheons.

SN 906. Cal. 36.
Marked "THE UNION ARMS CO" on top of the 8" rnd bbl with brass pin front sight, steel & brass trigger guard with 2-pc walnut grips. This revolver is almost an exact duplicate of the Whitney Navy revolver made in the same time frame. It has the Whitney style 3-pc articulated rammer, which is secured with a tapered pin, and an unfluted 6-shot cylinder with star wheel on back face of cylinder and six safety notches, all exactly similar to the Whitney Navy. According to Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms there were about 500 of the 3rd Model revolvers produced from a total of about 1,000 of all models in the late 1850's - early 1860's. CONDITION: Fine, all matching.  Bbl retains 96-97% glossy orig blue with a few very minor nicks & muzzle edge wear.  Frame retains 30-40% flaked orig blue with the flaked areas a medium patina.  Hammer retains dark case colors.  Cylinder retains 93-95% glossy orig blue and the grips are sound showing light wear with minor nicks and retain most of their orig varnish.  Mechanics are fine, bright shiny bore with a few minor spots of pitting. 4-31892 JR389 (3,000-5,000)

Marston Percussion Pepperbox
      44 cal
Serial #:  NSN  Manufacturer:  Marston W W & Co
Model:  Pepperbox  Type:  Pistol
Barrel Length:  4 inch fluted
Finish:  blue/bright
Grip:  walnut
Description:  Engraved " Wm MARSTON, PAT. 1855, N. Y." on top of hammer is the only mark on this engraved pistol. Full coverage engraving, Nimschke style with floral scrolls on the sides of the frame, geometric borders and intersecting arcs on the barrels. The frame screws are engraved eight petal flowers. This unique mechanism was designated as a target mechanism on William Walker Marsten's patent #13,581, issued 18 September 1855. There are two cams screwed to the rear of the barrel group, one with three lobes, and one with six. The rear cam, the one with six lobes, also has six notches on the rear that are engaged by the hand attached to the rear of the trigger. The first pull of the trigger raises the hammer on half cock or safety position where it is stopped by the second cam. The second pull turns the barrels half way to the firing position and raises the hammer to full cock. The final pull turns the barrel the rest of the way and drops the hammer, finally firing it. The final two operations can be accomplished with one pull. A separate adjustable sight bar is screwed to the top of the receiver on the left of the hammer.
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W. M. Marston breech-loading single-shot pistol,
patented Feb. 1850,
serial # 229, cal. .36 percussion,

7" part octagonal, part round barrel, lowering the lever opened the chamber and allows loading
of the special made cartridge, iron frame with scroll engraving, varnished walnut grip. Very good condition.
Flayderman's # 7C-026    $2,550

Marston Percussion Pepperbox