Springfield Arms Belt Revolver

.31 caliber. About 100 of this model were made. Six-shot cylinder with 4" round barrel.
Loading lever is present beneath the barrel.

NSN. Cal. 31.
Unusual 6-shot revolver of Mass Arms / Wesson & Leavitt appearance with 4-1/2" rnd bbl mated to a rectangular bbl lug with integral top strap. It has a brass pin front sight with a small stud type rear sight on top strap. It has a 3-pc articulated ramrod that appears to be hand made with a screw through the horizontal latch in the handle. It has an unfluted 6-shot cylinder with a groove near the rear edge in line with the nipples, which are set at an angle. Cylinder arbor is threaded into the face of the brass frame which has a brass sideplate and offset hammer. Brass grip frame has flared-butt 2-pc walnut grips with a small brass trigger guard. This revolver resembles, in most respects, the Mass Arms dbl trigger belt model but has only a single trigger with the cylinder being rotated by the action of the single action hammer. Grip shape & frame are substantially different. CONDITION: Fair to good.  Overall retains a mottled dark gray/brown patina with brass a light to medium mustard patina.  Right grip has a repaired toe, otherwise grips are sound with some slight battering on bottom and retain traces of orig varnish, being mostly a hand worn patina.  Mechanics are fine, strong dark bore. 4-31889 JR392 (2,000-3,000)

SN 19. Cal. 40.
Extremely rare pistol with only about 110 of all four types made in 1851, Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms. This rare revolver is the first type with a 6" rnd bbl, tiny German front sight with all cast metal grip. Top strap & sides of grip are lightly engraved with foliate arabesque patterns and top strap is marked "SPRINGFIELD ARMS CO". It has a heavy 6-shot cylinder with star wheel and cylinder stop notches concealed on back edge. The cylinder arbor has been brazed in place and the trigger guard has a recent repair. CONDITION: Fair to good. No orig finish remains with the bbl & cylinder a smooth dark brown patina with a few scattered spots of pitting. Top strap & grip are a light gray/brown color with scattered pitting. Mechanics are fine although a little loose, strong dark bore with moderate pitting. 4-31878 JR209 (10,000-15,000)

SN 101. Cal. 40.
Unusual heavy revolver with 7-1/2" oct to rnd bbl with integral top strap which is lightly engraved and marked with maker's name. Fitted with a 2-pc rammer and usual 6-shot cylinder with a cast metal grip. Grip, lockplate & hammer are lightly engraved in foliate arabesque patterns. According to Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms only about a total of 110 of these rare revolvers were made in four types in about 1851. Few survive today. CONDITION: Good. Appears to be complete & orig and retains a restored brown finish. Hammer has an old repair in the spur and shank. Mechanics are fine although hammer strikes slightly off center, strong bore with light to moderate pitting. 4-31877 JR290 (10,000-15,000)

SN Unknow. Cal. 40.
Extremely rare revolver with 7-1/2" oct to rnd bbl, brass blade front sight with engraved top strap that also has maker's name and the tiny rear sight at rear end. It has an unfluted 6-shot cylinder with etched trophy of arms and foliate patterns. It also has the 2-pc rammer with iron frame and wood grip panels with military style rnd metal buttcap. Top strap, sides of frame, buttcap & trigger guard have light foliate arabesque pattern engraving. Back strap has light chip & line border patterns. According to Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms only about 110 of these rare revolvers were made in four types in about 1851. CONDITION: Fine.  Traces of orig blue remain in sheltered areas on frame with balance of frame, back strap, bbl & rammer a mottled gray/brown patina.  Cylinder is also gray with scattered light pitting and retains most of its thin, orig etched scenes.  Mechanics are fine, strong bright bore with some light rust near muzzle. 4-31879 JR293 (10,000-15,000)