Italian Handguns

Pistola Rotazione, Systema Bodeo, Modello 1889, Bodeo type for short, M1889 service pistol for officers and NCO's in 10.35 mm

Enlisted man's version of the officer's Bodeo M1889 side arm.

Brescia Model 1922 Double-Action Revolver
This model was widely used by Italian army during the World War Two.
Model 1889/1922 was a last variation of Bodeo revolver, and the last model of Italian service revolver. 

Italian Glisenti Late Model Double Action Revolver
Gislanti Handguns

Orbea Modell 1916 (Tettoni)

M1915 Beretta in 7.65 mm

Baretta 92-92-98

Baretta 93R Automatic Pistol

Baretta 8000Cougar

Baretta 9000

Baretta PX4 Storm

Bernardelli P-018

Tanfoglio T95 Standart-Combat  EAA Witness

Tanfoglio Force & Force 99