Astra M.1911 Semi-Auto Pistol
Caliber: 7.65mm Auto (.32 ACP)

"Ruby" type semi automatic pistol manufactured in the period of 1911-1918 by Esperanza y Unceta, Guernica (Astra), as indicated by markings on the right side of the slide. Blowback design based on John Browning's FN/Colt M.1903. The left side of the slide is marked, "7.65 1911 Model Automatic Pistol Astra Patent". Left side of the frame displays English language safety lever markings, "SAFE" and "FIRE". The barrel displays following markings, "Hope"  and "Crown over PG" (most likely, the markings of one of the Eibar subcontractors). Similar pistols were supplied to the Allied forces during World War One. Among others, the French Chauchaut machine gunners were supplied with short grip Ruby pistols in special box like holsters. The French military bought Ruby pistols off the shelf in 1915. Some Spanish proofs are stamped on the frame of the pistol. Wooden grips with diamond checkering. Seven shot magazine.