Astra 300 Gallery

Thanks to Kyrie Ellis / Moderator - Cruffler_Forum on Yahoo Groups for his contribution for this page ...The Astra Model 300 was placed in production in 1923 with the first pistol serial numbered 350,001, and production ceased in 1946 with serial number 630,475 for a total production of 153,085 pistols. The Astra Model 300 was offered in 7.65 Browning (.32 ACP) and 9 mm Corto (.380 ACP).

Left side of an Astra Model 300, chambered for the 9 mm Corto cartridge (.380 ACP). The proof mark on this specific Astra indicates it was proofed in 1943.
Frame and slide proof marks. The "X" in a shield surmounted by the helmeted knight is the Late Eibar House Proof, used to indicate submission for proof. Used July 9, 1931 to present. The "N" with a tilde is a representation of the Spanish alphabet letter "NN", and indicates this pistol was proofed in 1943. The "P" in the "bomb" is the Late Eibar Automatic Pistol Proof.
Top of the Astra Model 300 slide, showing the Astra seal and the Astra Company name and address.
Close up of the Astra name and address found of the top of the slide
Late (U/C) Astra Crest used after 1926
Underside of the slide and barrel, showing the factory assembly numbers stamped on the bottom of the barrel and the right slide rail.
Close up of the barrel assembly number.
Close up of the slide assembly number.
Right side of the same Astra Model 300. During the Second World War Third Reich Germany purchased 85,390 Astra Model 300's (63,000 chambered for the 9 mm Kurz and 22,390 chambered for the 7.65 Browning), and the Eagle over WaA251 indicates this is one of those pistols. Based on factory Astra serial number data from Dr. Antaris' "Astra Automatic Pistols" this specific pistol was one of 4,000 such Astra Model 300's delivered to the Germans on 09 April 1943. Note the German language chambering ("9m/m KURZ" - Spanish would be "9 m/m CORTO") information visible through the ejection port in the slide.
Close up of the right side of the frame and slide, showing serial number placement and the Eagle over WaA251 Waffenamt indicating acceptance by the Third Reich Army.
Close up of the barrel's chamber, showing Eibar proof mark and cartridge information.
Bottom of the Astra Model 300 frame, with the magazine in place. Note the side mounted (top of picture) magazine release (common to the Astra Models 300 and 600, and to Model 400's produced for the Spanish Navy).
Extreme close up of the Astra Crest on the magazine floor plate. Note this is an early magazine, with the Astra E/U logo found on Astra pistols and parts made prior to 1926.