Austro-Hungarian Werndl M.1877 Carbine
Caliber: 11 x 36 mm, rimmed
Austro-Hungarian empire Werndl M.1877 carbine that was still used as a secondary weapon in World War One! The M.1877 carbine is identical with the M.1873 carbine except for different calibration of the rear sight. While M.1877 rear sight is graduated to 1600 paces for a more powerful M.77 cartridge, the M.1873 rear sight is graduated only up to 600 paces for the older cartridge. The carbine has correct finger spur on the trigger guard. The carbine features the modified and strengthened rotary-block breech design with central hammer. Developed from M.1867 action that was competing successfully in military trials with Remington Rolling Block. The carbine was made in 1886 (last year of production!) as indicated by markings stamped on the lockplate. The maker abbreviation, "OEWG" is stamped on the breech and on the lockplate (OESTERREICHISCHE WAFFENFABRIKS GESELLSHAFT STEYR UND PEST). The lockplate displays, "OEWG 86". Some small Austro-Hungarian proof marks are stamped on the lower part of the buttstock. Matching serial numbers (the matching numbers are stamped on the rotary block, receiver, buttplate , rear sight and some screws). The saber type bayonet lug is located on the right side of the nosecap. Complete with a cleaning rod. Overall length: 39.5 inch. Barrel length: 22 inch.