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Military Rifles by Country
Argentina Chile Luxemburg Persia Sweden
Australia China Mexico Peru Switzerland
Austria Denmark Montenegro Portugal Turkey
Bavaria Egypt Morocco Roumania Uruguay
Belgium France Nepal Russia USA
Brazil Germany  Netherlands Siam
Britain Greece New Zealand Serbia
Bulgaria Italy Norway South Africa
Canada Japan Papal States Spain


M1866/71 Remington (11.15x58R)
M1866/75 Remington(11.15x58R) (maybe)
M1874 Remington (11.15x58R)
M1879Remington (Patria) (11.15x58R)
M1867 South Australia Albini-Braendlin (.577 Snider)
M1871 New South Wales Alexander Henry (.450-3 1/4)

Austrian Wanzl Rifle
Austrian Werndl Rifle
M1854/66 & M1863/66 Wanzl(13.9x33R) RF & CF!!
M1867 (11.4x50R) & M67/77 Werndl (11.15x58R)
M1873 (11.4x50R) & M73/77 Werndl (11.15x58R)
M1881 Kropatchek Naval (11x58R)
M1886 Mannlicher (11.15x58R)
M1888 & M1888/90 Mannlicher(8x50 AND 8x52R!!)
Girandoni repeating air rifle
Bavarian M1869 Lightning Forager  Musket
M1869 Werder (11.5x50R)
M1869 Werder "Aptiertes"(11.15x60R Mauser)
M1869 n.M. Werder(11.15x60R Mauser)
Podewils M.1858/67 Infantry Rifle

M1777/1868 & M1848/68 Terssen (11x50R)
M1777/67, M1841/53/67, M1853/67 & M1873 Albini-Braendlin (11x50R)
M1870 Belgian Comblain - Guard Civique(11x50R)
M1882 Belgian Comblain (11x50R)
M1887 Nagant Rifle
M1888 Belgian Forester Comblain
M1888 Belgian Pieper  (Tested only)

M187_ M188_ Brazilian Comblains (11.4x53R)
(There are no fewer than SIX models of Brazilian Comblain rifles alone)
(page being worked on)
The Snider Enfields   
M1853/66 & M1866 Snider Enfield (Mark I - Mark III) (.577 Snider)
M1871 - M1889 Martini-Henry(Mark I - Mark IV) (.577-.450 Martini-Henry)
M1888 Lee-Metford(Mark I, Mark I* & Mark II) (.303 British)
Martini-Metford Cavalry Carbine
Snider-Enfield MKI* Long Rifle
Snider MKIII Cavalry Carbine
Snider-Enfield MKI* Short Rifle
Martini-Enfield Trade Pattern Rifle

M1880 Berdan II (11.2x57R)

Canadian Snider Cadet Carbine.
Canadian BSA Martini .22 Rifle.
Canadian Ross Military Cadet 22 Rifle
M186__ Spencer (.56-50R) RF Pictures of US Version
M1866 Canadian Peabody (.50-60R) RF
M188__ Martini Metford (.303 British) Pictures of a Martini-Metford

M187~2 Chilean Comblain (11x50R)
M1879 Winchester Hotchkiss (.45-70 Govt) Pictures of US Version
M1882 Remington-Lee (.45-70 Govt & maybe .43 Spanish) Pictures of US Version

Danish Breechloading Carbine.
M1848/54/65 Infantry and M1853/66 Naval Snider(17x28R) RF
M1867 & M1867/96 Remington(11.7x51R) RF/CF

Egyptian Martini-Enfield Rifle.
M1866? Egyptian Snider? (.577R)
M1868 Remington Rolling Block(11.3x50R)
M1853/67 Tabatiere(17.8x32-38R) (4 types),
also M1859/67 Carabine de Chasseur 'a Tabatiere (18.2mmx32-38R)
M1866/74; M1874; & M.80 Gras (11x59R)
French-Imported Rifles of the Franco-Prussian War
M1868 Egyptian Model Remington(.44 Egyptian)
M1866 Springfield Remington (.58 Berdan)
M1864 Remington Split Breech Carbine
M186_ Spencer (.56-50 & .56-52 Spencer)
M1870 Peabody(.43 Spanish)
M1866 Springfield (Allin conversion) (.50-70 US) 
M1863 Springfield Joslyn  3 Band Rifle
M186_ Remington (Navy) (.50-70 US)
M186_ Enfield-Peabody (.58 Berdan)
M186_ Roberts Conversion (.58 Berdan)
M1868 Spanish Remington (.43 Spanish)
M186_ Spanish Berdan(.58 Berdan)
M1878 Kropatchek (11x59R) (Styer Naval Model)
M1884 Kropatchek (11x59R) (Fr. Army)
M1885 & M1874/85 Kropatchek (11x59R) (2 piece stock)
Germany (Prussia) 
M1860 German Fusilier Needle Gun (15.43mm)
M1862 German Dreyse Infantry Needle Gun
M1871 Mauser (11.15x60R)
M71/84 Mauser (11.15x60R)

M1872 Mylonas (11x59R) (Gras Cartridge)
M1874 Gras (11x59R)
M1858/68 Naval Albini-Braendlin (14.7x51R (.577) (Naval Rifle) 
M1870 Vetterli (10.4x47R)
M1870/87 Vetterli-Vitali (10.4x47R)
M1882 Vetterli-Bertolo (10.4x47R) (Naval Vetterli)
M1890 Vetterli-Ferracciu (10.4x47R) (Naval Vetterli)

M1853/68(?) Albini-Braendlin (.577 Snider)Belgian Albini-Braendlin
Murata Meiji 13 (M1880) (11x60R)
Murata Meiji 18 (M1885) (11x60R)
Murata Meiji 22 (M1889) (8x53R) (Type A and Type B)

M18__ Remington (11x50R) Remington Rolling Block Rifle

M1871 Remington (11.15x58R)
M1872 Whitney-Laidley (also Laidley-Emery) (11.15x58R)

M186? Krnka (??x??R) Russian Krnka
M1882 Comblain(11x50R Moroccan) Comblain Rifle

Nepalese Martini/Westley-Richard Rifle.
M18 ? Nepalese Snider Enfield (.577)
M18 ? Peabody-Wessley-Henry / Westley Richards (.577-450)

M1867 Dutch Snider(17.5x29R)
M1871 Beaumont (Infantry) & M1871/73 (Naval) (11.3x51R)
M871/88 Beaumont-Vitali (11.3x51R)

New Zealand
M1885 Remington-Lee (.43 Spanish) Pictures of US Version
M1867 Remington(12.17x42RF &12.7x44R)
M1855/67 & M1860-67 Lund (12.7x44R) RF (army conversion)
M1855/67, M1859/67 etc Landmark (16.8x32R) RF (navy conversion)
M1860 Norwegian Breech Loading Percussion Rifle
M1876 Krag-Petersson naval rifle (12.7x44R?) RF
M1884 & M1884/87 Jarmann (10.5x61R)

Papal States
M1868 Remington Pontificio (12.7x45R)
M1868 Papal States Remington (Pontificio) Gendarmerie Model

M18__ Comblain Comblain Rifle

Peruvian Chassepot Cartridge Conversion ?
M187_ Comblain Comblain Rifle
M1882(?) Remington Lee (.43 Spanish) Pictures of US Version

M1885 Guedes (8x60R)
M1878? M1881? Naval Kropatchek (11x59R) (Styer Naval Model)
M1886 Mauser-Kropatchek(8x60R)
M1868 Peabody (.45 Roumanian Peabody)
M1879 Peabody-Martini (.45 Roumanian Peabody??)

M1857/67 Krnka(15.2x41R)
M1868(?) Baranov(??x??)
M1868 Berdan I(10.75x58R)
M1870 Berdan II(10.75x58R)

M1853?/67 Tabatiere (17.8x32-38R) French Tabatiere

M1871 Peabody (15.5x35R) CF Peabody Rifles
M1878/80 Mauser-Milovanovic (10.15x63R)
M1880/87 Mauser-Milovanovic (10.15x63R)

South Africa - Boer Rifles of the 2nd Boer War (1889-1902)
A brief history of the Boer War
Westley Richards "Improved"(.577-.450 Martini-Henry)
The "Four Pound" Martinis (.577-.450 Martini-Henry)
Westly-Richards Martini Patent Martinis(.577-.450 Martini-Henry)
M1885 Guedes (Z.A.R.) (8x60R)
M1890 Mannlicher(8x50R-Smokeless)
M1895(?) Westly-Richards (Made for Z.A.R.) (.577-.450)
Swinburn Martini (.577-.450 Martini-Henry) 
M1857/67, M1857/59/67, M1858/67Naval & M1867 Berdan(15x41R) (needs work)
M1868 (1st Model) Spanish Peabody(.56-50R Spencer rimfire)
M1870 (2nd Model) Spanish Peabody(11.15x58R aka: .43 Spanish Remington "Berdan")
M1870 Remington (11.15x58R) M1870 Uruguayan Remington Rolling Block
M1871 Royal Bodyguard Rifle (11.15x58R)
M1871 &1871/89 Remington (Oviedo) (11.15x58R / 11.5x57Reformado)
"La Azpeitiana" Spanish Snider (11.15x58R)

Remington Rolling Blocks (12.17x42R) RF

Swiss Military Contract Peabody M1867 Rifle
M1817/42/59/67 and M1842/59/67 Milbank-Amsler (18x25R) RF
M1842/59/67 MILBANK AMSLER Rifle
M1851/67; M1856/67; M1863/67; M1864/67 Milbank-Amslers (10.4x38R) RF
M1867 and M1867/77 Peabody (10.4x38R) RF
M1869, M1869/71, M1878, M1878/81 & M1881 Vetterli (10.4x38R) RF
and including the Vetterli Stutzers and the M1870 Cadet variants
M1867 (68?) Snider(.577)
M1866 Winchester (.44 Henry Rimfire)
M1872 Peabody-Martini (11.3x59R / .45 Turkish) (Type A and Type B)
M1887 Mauser(9.5x60R)
M1870 Remington (Liege) (11.15x58R / 11.4x57Reformado)



United States of America

Civil War Era
Ballard Breechloading Calvary Carbine & Rifle M1860 Henry Rifle M1864 Joslyn 3 Band Rifle
Cosmopolitan 2nd Model Carbine M1860 Spencer Carbines and Rifles 56 Cal M1864 Remington Split Breech Carbine
Lindner Civil War carbine M1860 Gallager Standard Carbine M1865 Spencer Infantry Rifle
Lamson & Ball Breechloading Trials Rifle M1861 Smith Carbine M1865 Spencer Carbine
Greene Under Hammer Bolt Action Rifle M1861 Palmer Bolt Action Carbine Gibbs Saddle Ring Carbine
Greene Carbine  M1862 Gwyn & Campbell Carbine Frank Wesson Carbine
Maynard Rifles 50 Cal M1862 Sharp & Hankins Navy Carbine Keen-Walker Tilting Breech Carbine
Starr Percussion Carbine M1862 & 1864 Joslyn Carbine CSA CALISHER & TERRY CARBINE
M1843 Hall Breech Loading Rifle M1863 CSA Tarpley Breach-Loading Carbine CSA MORSE CARBINE. 
M1846 Jenks Mule Ear Navy Carbine  Burnside Carbine Warner Revolving Rifle
1854 Volcanic Lever Action Carbine M1863 Sharps Rifle Warner Carbine
Joslyn Model 1855 "Monkey Tail" Carbine M1863 Sharps 50/70 Carbine. CSA Perry Brass Frame Carbine
M1955 Colt Revolving Rifle M1864 Ball Repeating Musket & Carbine  CSA Bilarz, Hall Rising Breech Carbine
M1858 Merrill Breechloading Rifle & Carbine M1864 Remington Rolling Block Lee Patent Carbine
M1859 Sharps Rifle M1864 E.G.Lamson Civil War Contract Carbine
M1859 Sharps Carbine M1864 Triplett & Scott Rifle & Carbine
Post Civil War

Musket Conversions

Miller Conversion 
Needham Conversion
Nippes Conversion
Allin Conversion
Roberts Conversion 
Fogerty Patent
Worldwide Conversions

M1875 Springfield Lee Vertical Action Rifle M1866 Winchester Rifle
M1871 Ward Burton Infantry Rifle M1879-85 Remington-Lee US Navy M1873 Winchester Rifle
The Evans Repeating Rifle Whitney-Kennedy .40-60 M1886 Winchester Rifle
M1882 Springfield Chaffe-Reese Rifle Winchester U.S. Hotchkiss M1892 Winchester Rifle
  Remington-Keene Military Rifle