Springfield M22

The Model 1922 Springfield rifle was as near perfect as could be asked for. It was accurate and pleasant to shoot, it had a smooth action, and it was sturdy and reliable. It also perfectly mimicked the size, weight, look, and handling qualities if the 1903 service weapon. There were several improved versions of the rifle produced, until the Second World War made the production of .22 rifles an impractical use of production materials and facilities. The U.S. military never produced another .22 rimfire, after the end of the Second World War. A number of commercial rifles, in .22 rimfire, were acquired, but even this ended after the adoption of the M-16. The M-16 adapts very easily to the firing of .22 rimfires. No barrel sleeve is needed, since the M-16 already fires .22 projectiles, though quite different from the rimfire versions. A number of devices were made by several different companies, though even these were little used. Along with a change in weapons, there was a shift in emphasis. Marksmanship, though still highly regarded in an infantryman, is no longer considered to ba a vital component of the modern battlefield.


SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1922 M1. Cal. 22. SN 8205. This is an orig unmodified 1922 M1 with a Unertl 14 power target scope mounted on it. This appears to be a military issue arm since it has in the left side of the buttstock a horseshoe box with “SA, over O”. There is also a rack number in the bottom of the pistol grip that is almost illegible but appears to be number “51”. This rifle was most likely issued to a military academy for training purposes. The bbl date is “8-26”. CONDITION: Receiver & bbl assembly has been re-parkerized and retains nearly 100% of that finish. Front site assembly is also parkerized and is the removable insert variety. Trigger and floorplate assembly are parkerized and about 95% condition as are the bbl bands and swing swivels. Buttplate assembly is coarse checkered with no trap, as is correct for this gun. Orig M1 bolt is polished with the serial number of the gun engraved on the bottom. Lyman 48 Receiver site is in excellent condition with just a minimum of wear from being adjusted. Unertl scope retains approx. 75% of its orig blue with perfect optics.