Steve McQueens Tom Horn 1876 45/70 RIfle
Winchester Model 1876


Winchester 1876 Open Top Rifle .45-75 s/n 912 mfg 1876
- Historic First Model Open-Top frame, 28" octagon barrel, full magazine. Left sideplate is period script engraved, "To Mr. Tim Foley from Sir John Rae Reid". Sir John Rae Reid was a wealthy Englishman who started a cattle company in Wyoming in 1879 and was involved in the Hat Ranch and the old 76 Ranch, and assembled huge holdings from many smaller ranchers in the Powder River area. Mr. Tim Foley, to whom this '76 was presented, was a cattle driver and guide who became friendly with Sir Reid. According to legend, Foley made a trip to California on horseback and carried this Winchester for self-defense along the way, especially through the Hole in the Wall. Mr. Foley owned the rifle until 1935-1936 when he traded it to a teenager named William Ladman for breaking a horse. Ladman used the rifle to shoot elk and kept it until 1971. With extensive provenance and documentation as to the history and ownership, this rifle remains in original very good condition with 60% - 70% original blue drifting and toning at the edges, with slight scratches, even wear from carry, with sharp barrel address and crisp edges; hammer and lever show 10%-20% case hardening starting to fade, stocks are good with some dings, mars, small losses, a couple of gouges and chips, but generally good overall; good action, very good bore. A rifle obviously carried and used, but well cared for.


Winchester 1876 SRC .45-75 s/n 44282 mfg 1884 - NWMP marked, excellent overall condition.

Winchester 1876 NWMP SRC .45-75 s/n 46108 mfg 1885
- 22" round barrel, NWMP sight, dense-grain extra finish walnut stocks. Receiver has traces of original blue finish in the protected areas; barrel has a thinning patina; buttstock retains a strong cartouche and has numerous dings and dents; forend has dings and dents with three old filler repairs; bore is a 7. This carbine is accompanied by a research letter from noted NWMP authority D.J. Klancher which identifies this particular serial number carbine with "G" division at Fort Saskatchewan on January 25, 1887; issued to three different solders from 1888 to 1900; and finally transferred to the Canadian Militia sometime after 1902.

Winchester Model 1876 Lever Action Musket